PAINTING CYCLE (2010 - 2012)

A series of paintings and temporary works, including:

- 'BLAST 1', (a series of 12 works) 120x120x2cm each, household paint, condoms, refuse sacks, plasterboard, explosives. 2010
- ‘BLAST 2’, 45x30cm, (a series of 3 works) household paint, condoms, refuse sacks and explosives on paper. 2012

Blast 1 was donated to the Mercian Regiment in September 2015 and is on permenant display at British Army HQ Land Forces, Andover.

Paintings from this series have been shown in a solo exhibition at the New Court Gallery (2010), and at the Other Art Fair (2012). The works caught the attention of accessories designer Lulu Guinness, leading to a collaboration in 2013.