OUTSIDE (2018)

Outside brought together creatives and academics from the UK and around the world, some of whom had a background in sex work, to reflect on the significance of the Crossbones memorial garden and the idea of the outsider. The show resulted in 6 sculptures being exhibited in the garden from May to June 2018.

I co curated the show with Aubree Penney and Alexa Phillips. As well as my flag made with Reba, Alexa made a work with Amy, Aron Rossman Kiss worked with 'N.', Richard Ensor worked with 'D.', Avril Coroon worked with Florence Bently and Kate Howard worked with Luna.

My contribution to the show was a 6 metre flag pole with 2 flags saying 'To understand sex work you need to do sex work.' The flag at the bottom reads 'You're paid to say that.' The work was titled 'A sex worker told me to do sex work so I did.'

A publictation produced alongside the exhibition, edited by Aubree Penney, included an essay by “The Naked Anthropologist” Laura Agustín examining historical and contemporary views of sex work. The publication also featured poetry by Cora and KLW, and artwork by Manon Aquilina, Laura Ní Fhlaibhín, among other contributors including Linda Stupart.

The exhibition was made possible by the Friends of Crossbones, Bankside Open Spaces Trust and the Goldsmiths Alumni and Friends Fund, as well as volunteers!

A huge thank you to everyone who helped.